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How To Dispose of Toxic Beauty Products

A commonly asked question I receive is how to dispose of old toxic, chemical-filled cosmetics and personal care products in an environmentally responsible manner. Once you've switched over to natural products, the last thing you want to do is create more pollution by...

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Spa Day At Home: Therapeutic Facial Steam

  I've never had a professional facial; I know, I know. I'm a green beauty blogger - shouldn't that be at the top of my list? I do dream of making an appointment one day but most treatments at organic spas cost about 1/4 of my rent, at least here in L.A. But while...

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My DIY Stress Relief Potion

Lately, I have been carrying around a mystery vial with me and receive a lot of odd looks when I unscrew the top and sniff. To clear up any rumors, it's a very simple stress & headache relief essential oil blend that I have with me at all times. The two oils work...

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Hi, I’m Mia

Welcome to May Day Glow!

I write about living consciously in L.A. and how to lead a life that is kind to the body and the planet.

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