Think Dirty App Review

I am beyond excited to spread the news about Think Dirty, an app that will quickly scan personal care products and list the potential toxicity of that product and offer clean, natural alternatives! Label checking is now painless, with all the information you need in one place.

The founder, Lily Tse, motivated by her family’s history of breast cancer,¬†wanted to create a tool that allows consumers to easily research the chemicals and risks that come with using a product and to offer safe alternatives.

Scan a product’s barcode and a safety rating is generated, along with detailed information about any carcinogenicity, reproductive and developmental, and immunotoxicity risks associated with each ingredient. The best part is that cleaner alternatives to the product queried are offered.

With over 68k products listed, I went to town with this app in my bathroom and was able to get ingredient information on most of the products I scanned. If the product is not in the database, the app allows users to submit products. Brilliant!

A review of their methodology shows that the folks at Think Dirty have done their research, tapping into an advisory panel ranging from techies to health professionals to makeup artists. I trust/love this app so much and I hope you will, too!

Download it to your iPhone in the AppStore.