All my fellow curlies understand the miraculous nature of finding a clean, effective product that helps you tame your curls, resulting in the oft-sought after Good Curl Day (GCD). When experiencing a GCD, It almost makes one believe that there is a god solely dedicated to doling out justice by way of human hair and that you need to sacrifice a small rodent, or something, to keep the good fortune coming. OOH-kay, off  topic.

Let me introduce you to Rare Elements Essential Conditioner. It will give you a GCD. Over and over again. It is, by far, one of the thickest, most luxurious, rich and moisturizing producst I’ve found. My curls feel completely hydrated after letting it soak for about 5 minutes in the shower. Last night, I left it in for two hours and the only way to put it is that my curls emerged hydrated to the 6th power. Oh, and it has SLIP. You’ll be able to detangle in half the time, compared to whatever conditioner you are using now.  Essential oils give it a lovely, unique scent, yet does not overwhelm.

If you’ve clicked the link to the Rare Elements site, you’re probably suffering from sticker shock and cursing my name whilst shaking your fist to the heavens. Okay – this conditioner has a ton of hype, and I had read nothing but praise about it, especially from women with thick, curly hair like mine. I had wanted to try it for months, but never felt comfortable with shelling out $44 on conditioner. I am planning my wedding and every penny I spend elsewhere, I self-guilt into feeling like I should have saved it for the wedding budget. Me in line paying for anything: “That’s the cost of my Aunt Dottie’s dinner, “This is the cost of a portion of a centerpiece purchased on Etsy”. So, yeah, I get that I’m pushing some expensive-ass hair goop.

However, in my opinion, the conditioner is completely worth the money. I finally caved and purchased it at The Detox Market, (along with my new FAVORITE summer lip color by Ilia – review to come!) but it is available on plenty of green beauty sites.

I received a few compliments on my curls last week, which is when I started using the stuff. No co-inky-dink there! Oh yeah, and I noticed that I don’t need to use as much styling product because there’s not as much frizz to control.  The consistency is also very thick and concentrated and I only use about a quarter sized dollup, which is nothing compared to the amount I have to use for most products (think: a laundry load’s worth of quarters – or 1/4 of the cost of Crazy Uncle Pete’s Jack and Coke he will drink at my wedding that I will pay for).

If you have curls like me, or thick, thirsty hair, I promise this conditioner will do the trick for you. Enjoy!