The Model Health Show, podcast  The Model Health Show podcast, hosted by Shawn Stevenson, is so incredibly empowering and enriching. Just like other clean beauty advocates, I am constantly on a journey to figure out what is best for my body in the eating and exercise departments. This podcast supplements this process.  He talks about fitness, hormones, diet and everything in between, (you guys, he has one about pooping! tee hee, giggle). He approaches these issues in such a unique way by incorporating research from emotional, environmental, and even human evolutionary perspectives, all with a splash of holistic vibes. While I am not a huge podcast person, after listening to an episode of TMHS, I always come away with new knowledge or a different perspective on an issue I thought I knew all about (gluten-free diet!).  And surround sound with Shawn’s dulcet-toned voice doesn’t hurt, either 🙂

My personal favorites:

How sitting can destroy your health

How to improve your self-esteem, build confidence, and strengthen your body image

Why you can’t loose weight (the TRUTH)

Healthcare vs. Sickcare: Why preventative care is safer, smarter and cheaper