The initial adventure into the world of natural, DIY products can be overwhelming and by the time you’ve stocked up on the ingredients you think you need, you’re left with a medicine cabinet full of products that may or may not work and an empty wallet. I urge all newbies to start with these basics before dropping a hundo on the .0001 ounce of essence of rose-infused dragon fruit pheromone that some blogger wants you to buy to make the ‘perfect’ facial serum. But if dragon fruit pheromones did exist, I would definitely want to see what happens if I put it on my face.

I’ve whittled down my cabinet of ingredients to must-haves for readers looking to explore DIY lotions and potions. These ingredients perform wonderfully on their own and are beneficial for most skin types.


– Organic, unrefined coconut oil – If you can only afford one thing on this list, invest in a really good quality jar of coconut oil. It is so incredibly versatile and can be used on its own for so many tasks. Here’s 101 uses!

Argan oil – Amazing for skin, hair, face, just everywhere. I would love to roll around in a large quantity of it, if I could. I use it alone as a facial serum or mix a few drops with my moisturizer.  For hair, I apply it to my ends for conditioning and shine. Techinally a carrier oil, but I have to single it out because it covers so many skin bases: moisturizing, anti-aging, and soothing all from high concentrations of vitamins A and E.

– Carrier oils – My favorite is jojoba as it is the most similar to the sebum produced by human sebaceous glands. I’ve also used grapeseed (balances oily and sensitive skin) and sweet almond (normal/combination skin). All offer different benefits for different skin types.

– Rosehip seed oil – Great by itself as a facial serum or as an added boost for DIY skin care


Shea butter – great for thick, curly, dry hair. A main ingredient in my go-to deep conditioner. I apply as lotion when my skin is feeling extra dry.

Essential Oils

These should be diluted with a carrier oil or butter

Lavender – This EO is divine by itself and pairs well with other scents. I rub one drop on my palms and then give myself a massage along my temples right before bed to calm down. I also add 3-4 drops to my homemade conditioner and lotions.

Tea tree oil – add to store bought or homemade hair conditioners for a stimulating scalp tingle. can also be used for medicinal/healing properties

Peppermint – take your DIY lip balm to the next level by adding a couple drops of this for a wintry tingle.

Do you have a most-loved natural ingredient that’s missing from this list? Let me know! I’m curious to find out what works for others.

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