About May Day Glow

Mia Mayweather is a sustainability consultant and the founder and editor of Los Angeles-based May Day Glow, a blog where she shares sustainable living solutions. With a keen and informed eye on natural beauty, ethical fashion, and holistic wellness, Mia brings an educated voice that encourages a conscious approach to how we are living and consuming.

Mia holds a Masters in Urban Sustainability and has worked with major corporations like Disney, ESPN, and Sony to develop sustainability strategies. She combines this expertise with her love of beauty and style to share changes that her readers can make to reduce their environmental impact and lead lives that are kind to their bodies and the planet.

In a world where consumers are bombarded with empty ‘green’ and ‘ethical’ marketing claims from no-so-great companies, Mia cuts through the noise to research and recommend truly natural products from only the safest brands that meet high ingredient standards. By vetting the list of ingredients and testing products, Mia saves her readers time and money, and most importantly, makes it easy to adopt a healthier beauty routine.

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