Reconnecting With Pleasure

One of my favorite things in the world is going to the Hollywood farmers market on Sundays; Discovering new foods, taking in the tables overflowing with colorful plants and connecting with the people who grew the food. It's this special place where for a few hours a...

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Balance Your Menstrual Cycle with Mugwort

If you’ve ever been to a Korean spa, you might have taken a dip in the mugwort bath and wondered “what the hell kind of Harry Potter water am I sitting in?” This whimsical name is incredibly fitting for such a beautiful herb that is used for women's menstrual health...

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Five Commandments for Healthy Curls

I've done my own hair for about 25 of my years on this Earth and I've got epic tales of trauma suffered by my hair: knots, awkward layers, bangs, heat, chemicals, and that one time I thought it would be great to let my friend in beauty school give me peek-a-boo...

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Hi, I’m Mia

Welcome to May Day Glow!

I write about living consciously in L.A. and how to lead a life that is kind to the body and the planet.